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Hosting Tips

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Here are a few easy ideas for making your next get-together a memorable one!

Recipes, pairing ideas & party tips to take your Spellbound experience to the next level.

Spellbinding & Entertaining

Entertaining guests, no matter the size of the party, can be daunting. As the host, you want to be prepared for whatever might arise, seamless in your execution of party activities and still relaxed enough to have a good time. As you plan your next get-together, consider some of the tips below to help streamline your efforts and entice your guests, leaving everybody positively Spellbound.

Spellbound Cabernet Sauvignon

Plan ahead and never feel behind.

Draw up a shopping list and go grocery shopping over a period of days, not the day before. Start planning the decorations and set the table early – that way you’re not scrambling when you should be calmly and happily awaiting the arrival of your guests.

Have appropriate food and drink staged for different portions of the evening, to further reduce stress during transitions.

Have something for everyone.

Few things at a party top the feeling of being pampered by the host.

Anticipating your guests’ needs is one of the best ways to accomplish this, for instance by offering a few vegetarian options if you’re serving food, and having some non-alcoholic drinks available for guests choosing not to partake.

Knowing specific foods or drinks your guests enjoy goes that extra mile that truly makes them feel welcome.

Save a few things for your guests to do.

People love to help, so take them up on their offers.
Be ready with fun, social tasks to give your volunteeers, like pouring wine, handing out silverware or putting out appetizers.

Lending a helping hand often makes guests feel involved and more at home.

Never skimp on the wine or drinks.

It is always better to over-buy, or ask people to bring more, than to run out of drinks at a party.

Nothing kills the mood faster than removing that welcoming feeling that there’s enough for everybody. Stock up and count on at least three drinks per person throughout the night.

Remember that entertaining is fun and you as a host determine the mood of the evening. So relax, sit back, and enjoy your Spellbound moment.

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